The WhatsApp groups

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Amma Live:

Amma Evide:


This website was originally a WhatsApp group called “Amma Live”. You can still join it. “Amma Evide” is a sister group of Amma Live, dedicated to media content and news. It is a nice way to stay connected to Amma and Amritapuri through some inside news of the Ashram, daily quotes, art and videos, stories, etc.

If you want to join them, here are the links to the groups (just click on the link from your phone and you will be taken to the corresponding group). Because WhatsApp only allow for a maximum of 257 people in a group, we had to duplicate the Amma Live and Amma Evide groups so that everyone can get in. Try your luck in one of them, sometimes they’re full, sometimes they’re not. Do not get in all of them, one of each is enough, the posts are the same anyway. #1, #2, #3, etc are the same.


Amma Live (choose one only, read above to understand why) :





Amma Evide (choose one only, read above to understand why) :