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This website shares informations about upcoming Amma’s webcasts, Swamis and Bramacharis virtual satsangs, as well as a few other online events and news from Amma worldwide (puja, classes, etc). The goal is to organize and structure the information about upcoming events that come from various newsletters from different Amma’s organizations around the world. So that we can easily stay connected to Amma despite closed borders.


Important note:

This is not an official website from Amma or ETW. Therefore you should not take what’s shared here as 100% accurate as it’s always possible for things to change last minute or for me to get wrong information. I cannot be held responsible for anyone getting wrong information, please double check the information if you want to be sure not to miss anything. Even though I try my best to relate in time every event we hear about, I may miss some. Also I do not have a secret connection to Amma and have no other informations than the ones relayed through official sources (websites, newsletters, social media, etc).

Please feel free to notify me if you think I missed an event or if I made a mistake in one of my post.


Contact and support:

You can contact me at brunopetit17@pm.me

If you love my work and wish to support me, please make a donation to Amma through this link: https://live.amma.org/

If you have ideas to improve this website or the related WhatsApp groups, or if you would like to help me with this “seva”, let me know, any help or contribution is welcomed!


Why this website ?

It is is an extension of the WhatsApp group “Amma Live” I created in early 2020 when the pandemic hit the world. I was overwhelmed by messages from all over the world about virtual talk, satsangs, bhajans sessions, etc from the Swamis, Amma and other people. So I decided to organize everything I was receiving in one single thread and share it with my devotees friends through a WhatsApp group. The number of people wanting to join the group grew way beyond my expectations and soon I had to duplicate the group as WhatsApp only allow for a maximum of 257 people to be in a group. I also created a group on Telegram. By the end of the year, there were about a thousand people in all the Amma Live groups combined.

As we’re still unsure about what’s coming next in 2021 & 2022, I decided to create this website which makes post management much easier. You can still join the WhatsApp or Telegram group if you like of course.


In Amma’s love,