Vedic Lakshmi Puja for Navaratri by Swamini Ambikamrita Prana – Friday, October 20th (US time)

Live Pujas and Ceremonies

Australia eastern time: 12:30pm (Saturday)
Indian time: 7am (Saturday)
France time: 3:30am (Saturday)
US east coast time: 9:30pm
US west coast time: 6:30pm

Duration: about two hours

Swamini Ambikamrita Prana will be performing a traditional Vedic Puja dedicated to Maha Lakshmi, the Goddess of Auspiciousness. Devotional chants and bhajans will accompany the puja. Lakshmi puja is performed for prosperity, material abundance, and spiritual prosperity, as well as to remove troubles that prevent us from starting a spiritual path or business.

The puja is open to all, no registration is required to attend. The puja will be livestreamed on YouTube if you are unable to attend in person:

You may register for a sankalpa (special resolve) to be made during the puja on your behalf, or for a loved one:

Sankalpa registration will be open until 6 hours before the beginning of the puja. $190 per person.

If you have any questions, please contact the Events team: