Navaratri & Vijayadashami Observance from San Ramon ashram with Swamini Ambikamrita Prana & Swami Dayamritananda Puri

Live Pujas and Ceremonies

Europe, Asia, Australia:
Monday, October 16th to Tuesday, October 24th

Australia eastern time: 12:30pm
Indian time: 7am
France time: 3:30am

Sunday, October 15th to Monday, October 23rd

US east coast time: 9:30pm
US west coast time: 6:30pm

Duration : about two hours

The in-person weekday (Monday-Friday) programs will be publicly livestreamed on YouTube

Vijayadashami with Swami Dayamritananda Puri:

Tuesday, October 24th

Australia eastern time: 1:30am (Wednesday)
Indian time: 8:30pm
France time: 5pm
US east coast time: 11am
US west coast time: 8am

Duration: about one hour